Cheryl George, The Biggest Loser Cheryl George, The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser's Cheryl George won Week 7's final face-off challenge to stay on the ranch, but she only managed to do so for one more week.

After her Black team lost the weigh-in, the group voted to send her packing even though she was happy with her 5-pound loss. "I lost two more pounds than I did the week before so ... it was actually a good week," Cheryl told

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The store owner from Oklahoma was also skeptical about the way the teams were split up and said, "I'm looking at our team, we're all women, two over 50, and then we've got one guy on our team. I look across [at Blue] and it's all full-blown men." The one positive about being on Black was having Jillian Michaels as her trainer. "Jillian tends to push me a little more ... She just tried to get you to work your best."

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Now weighing 162 pounds, down from 227, Cheryl is sure to burn more calories than she eats and does nothing different than she did on the ranch. "You eat clean, you eat correctly and get in the exercise," she says.