Update 7:32pm PT: Despite reports, Olympic athlete Adam Rippon will not be joining NBC as a correspondent in PyeongChang as it would would mean giving up his spot on Team USA, something Rippon said on Twitter he did not want to do: "I love being on Team USA and representing our country. My teammates were there for me during my events, and now I NEED to be there for them."

Still, we think he should consider our ideas below once the Olympics wrap up.

Figure skater Adam Rippon told the world two years ago that he's a witch who can't be killed, and he's right. Now that he's finished competing at PyeongChang, he'll be joining NBC as a correspondent for the rest of the Winter Olympics, the network announced Sunday.

One of two out gay athletes competing for Team USA (the other is skier Gus Kenworthy), Rippon might not have won an individual medal at the Games, but he did win over the hearts of Americans everywhere. Whether it was his beautiful skating in the team and individual events, sassy on-camera attitude during interviews, or memorable one-liners on social media, Rippon more than proved he's ready to tackle something much bigger.

Here are a few ideas of what Rippon can do as a correspondent during the Olympics — and what he can do after they're long over.

1. Replace Andrea Joyce as the sideline reporter

Although there's currently no room for him to join Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir as broadcasters — Terry Gannon is still an essential piece of the puzzle — Adam would make a great addition to the team as a sideline reporter. He's already proven multiple times through his own interviews that he is more than capable of making mundane questions seem fascinating. After all, he might not be the best, but he is the most fun.

2. Star in his own E! reality show or documentary series

E! set a precedent for Olympic athletes getting their own reality shows when it forced upon the world What Would Ryan Lochte Do? in 2013. While we might wish to scrub the memories of that show from our collective memories, we have a feeling Adam would make a thrilling subject in his own reality show. We'd watch him do pretty much anything at this point, and if that includes eating In-N-Out with Mirai Nagasu or maybe meeting his new fans Britney Spears and Reese Witherspoon, that's even better.

3. Remake The Craft

<p>Adam Rippon; <em>The Craft</em> </p>

Adam Rippon; The Craft

Adam can't explain witchcraft, but that doesn't mean he couldn't star in a remake of the cult classic. And don't even pretend you wouldn't watch the hell out of it.

4. Lead eyebrow tutorials

Adam made a good point when he was asked what it was like to be a gay athlete. He said, "It's exactly like being a straight athlete. Lots of hard work but usually done with better eyebrows." And he's not wrong: Adam's eyebrows are truly a work of art — a masterpiece even — that deserves our attention. Please teach us your ways, Adam.

5. Judging every competition show in existence

With his attitude and feisty opinions, Adam would make a great guest judge on everything, but the most obvious choice right now is probably RuPaul's Drag Race.

(Joyce Eng contributed to this article)