Question: According to the Oct. 12 AA, last Sunday's episode of Grey's Anatomy was "D-Day" for the Shepherd-Shepherd-Grey love triangle, but we were left with another cliff-hanger. What gives?

Answer: Well, the argument could be made that McDreamy did in fact make his decision; he just didn't share it with anyone. (Translation: I get off on a technicality!) But rest assured (SPOILER ALERT), there'll be no doubt whom he chose by the end of this Sunday's episode which picks up right where last week's left off: with Meredith hopelessly waiting for McDreamy at the pub. But the scene I'm fairly certain everyone will be talking about around the water cooler Monday morning involves McDreamy and another female on staff. All I'll say is it takes place in an elevator and you may want to have a box of Kleenex nearby.