On Ryan Seacrest saying he was not one of the top choices to host the show: "We never really asked anybody else formally. He was in the top three. So far he's doing great. He has a lot of energy and he doesn't put himself in a situation he's not comfortable with." On the possible writers' strike: "Everybody's hoping there won't be a strike. At the end of the day a strike is bad for the industry, it's bad for the writers, it's bad for the audience.... There are several steps before we actually go to strike. Some of the issues are on the table, but there hasn't been any cogent discussion yet. I hope there will be."

On the perhaps too harsh, TV-skewering Family Guy opening: "The Emmys are designed to be entertaining. It's in the tradition of the Emmys to have some fun with television. We're not curing cancer here. I thought it was done very well." On the problem with rotating networks for the telecast: "[If] you do a great job [and get ratings], the beneficiary is somebody else. That makes marketing very challenging year after year. If you didn't [rotate], you put yourself in the situation of having one network controlling the awards of excellence. It puts too much control in one place."