ABC has nixed a promotional campaign to skywrite giant red Vs in the skies above major cities to promote its new alien-invasion drama, TVGuide.com has confirmed.

ABC takes to skies to promote V

The cancellation comes on the heels of a column by Washington Post reporter Lisa de Moraes, who estimated the amount of pollution the skywriting campaign would cause. Disney (ABC's parent company) had previously promised to go more green by cutting carbon emissions from fuels in half by 2012.

ABC originally planned to have skywriters create giant Vs in the sky above 26 U.S. landmarks multiple times a day as a play on the spaceships that hover above cities in the show's premiere episode (Tuesday, Nov. 3, 8/7c, ABC).

Watch the first nine minutes of ABC's V

A network spokesperson said that the network has simply decided to spend its money on different things.