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Aaron Paul Is Dropping Hints About an Appearance on Better Call Saul

Yeah, bitch!

Kaitlin Thomas

Will Aaron Paul make an appearance on Better Call Saul? It's one of life's greatest questions, right after "Is Beyonce overrated?" but before "What's the point of lime-flavored candy?" (The answers to those questions are obviously yes and nothing because green apple is better.)

Breaking Bad fans have been shaking their Magic 8 Balls for two seasons now with the hopes of predicting the future. As it turns out, all they really needed to do was wait for the three-time Emmy winner to appear as a guest on Ellen to promote the second season of his Hulu drama The Path and maybe slip up.

Better Call Saul Season 3 has a premiere date

In a clip from Tuesday's show, Paul is asked by host Ellen DeGeneres if his Breaking Bad fan-favorite character Jesse Pinkman will appear in the Emmy-nominated spin-off. "God, I hope so," he says. "Maybe I already shot it. We just -- or they just -- wrapped the [most recent] season."

Now, Paul could absolutely be messing with fans, but it's also possible he screwed up and let the cat out of the bag with that "we." So let's suppose he was telling the truth and that Jesse will appear in the upcoming third season of the series. Because the drama is a prequel that takes place several years before Walter White (Bryan Cranston) meets slippery lawyer Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), it's unlikely that Jesse would appear in the show's main timeline. Instead, it's more likely that he'd appear in the looks at present day, where Jimmy/Saul is working as the manager of a Cinnabon and going by the name Gene. Could this mean we'll finally learn what happened to Jesse after he escaped from the meth lab where he was being held against his will?

Bryan Cranston really wants to direct an episode of Better Call Saul

If Paul does appear, he won't be the only familiar face in Season 3. This season marks the return (arrival?) of Gus Fring, the drug kingpin played by Giancarlo Esposito. A few other characters from Breaking Bad have already made the jump to its prequel, including Tuco (Raymond Cruz), Hector (Mark Margolis) and Krazy-8 (Max Arciniega).

Better Call Saul's third season premieres Monday, April 10 at 10/9c on AMC.