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Watch an Exclusive First Look at Bravo's A Night with My Ex, Your New Guilty Pleasure

Find out when it will premiere!

Sadie Gennis

Bravo is here to take over your summer TV schedule. The first trailer for their new reality show A Night with My Ex looks to be the exact type of messy, dramatic, frothy fare that will get you immediately addicted.

The 10-episode season follows 11 former couples who agree to spend one night alone in an apartment together -- no producers, only cameras rigged to catch their every move. Seeing each other for the first time since their breakup will bring up unexpected reactions in the exes, including shocking confessions, crazy fights, intense hook-ups and some wild twists we thought only existed in Shondaland. There are even marriage proposals and a pregnancy reveal!

And unlike in the real world, the exes have nowhere to hide once they enter the one-bedroom apartment. Whatever goes down, the former couple will be forced to deal with their unresolved issues without any interruptions, distractions or, of course, any privacy.

A Night with My Ex will premiere Tuesday, July 18 at 10/9c on Bravo. Check out the exclusive contestant bios below!

Fabian & Rachel
Rachel is a wholesome virgin from Minnesota who ended her relationship with Fabian when she discovered he had cheated on her. Fabian is guilt ridden and desperate to win Rachel back, although she may no longer be the wholesome girl he once knew.

Rob & Shivonne
Rob and Shivonne had been an item for seven years on and off, but most recently they have been off. Rob is finally ready to settle down and ask Shivonne to move to New York City and live with him. However, Shivonne also has some secrets that she'd like to tell Rob.

Matt & Sunnie
When Matt and Sunnie were dating, he was jealous of her burgeoning career and continuously felt passed over when she went off on long business trips. However, Matt has kept a secret that has been weighing on him for the past three years, and Sunnie has a secret that's even more shocking than Matt's revelation.

Abby & Keith
When Abby and Keith were dating, Abby was undoubtedly the alpha. Now, Abby wants Keith back and is aware that she has some apologizing to do for treating him like a doormat when they were together. But things have changed for Keith, who is determined to not get sucked back into her manipulative ways.

Melicka & Tahir
After Melicka was ghosted by her boyfriend Tahir, she was left confused and heartbroken. She wants answers from Tahir so she can finally move on. But Tahir has a secret that will explain his disappearance and change everything for their relationship.

Conrad & Schedel
Conrad has two simple questions: did Schedel cheat, and can he have a piece of his heart back? Schedel has answers, but like him, they are far from simple. Can Conrad forgive his eccentric and emotionally guarded ex, and get back the piece of his heart that Schedel still holds?

Alexa & Tyler
For three years, Alexa has been harboring the pain of being cheated on by Tyler with his friend Rachel. When she ended the relationship, Alexa blocked Tyler out of her life and never once considered that he didn't cheat on her. But did he cheat on her? Tyler's revelation makes Alexa reconsider her entire life.

Jason & Renatta
Jason and Renatta are childhood sweethearts. Renatta is ambitious and sharp, while Jason is smooth and sweet. In the kindergarten, Jason stole his mom's ring and gave it to Renatta, and even though he cheated numerous times while they dated, Renatta still loves him. Jason has a question to ask Renatta, and in his pocket he holds the very ring he gave Renatta in kindergarten.

Courtney & Nick
Courtney and Nick dated for over a year, and in that time Courtney's daughter grew attached to Nick too. So when Courtney discovered that Nick was inappropriately texting another girl, she was heartbroken and cut it off without even talking to him. Nick maintains that despite the text he never physically cheated, and makes an accusation against Courtney that could change their dynamic forever.

Cornelius & Gary
According to Cornelius, he was ghosted by Gary for no reason at all and with no prior warning. However, Gary says he had every reason to leave the relationship. Will these two ever see eye to eye, or will they continue to disagree on why the relationship ended?

Jessica & Joe
When Joe was cut from the NFL and had to move to Italy to continue playing football, Jessica gave him an ultimatum: me or football. Joe chose football, but is now back in New Jersey holding down a good job in finance. Jessica regrets the decision she forced Joe to make and desperately wants him back, but will he fall for her flirty ways or move on?