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A Million Little Things Sneak Peek Reveals Why Katherine Wants to Be Open About the Affair

No one thought of this angle...

Megan Vick

There's a ticking time bomb on A Million Little Things in the form of a giant secret. While the friends group knows that Eddie (David Giuntoli) is really the father of Delilah's (Stephanie Szostak) baby, Charlie, their children do not. No one wants to make the lives of Delilah's other two kids any harder after the loss of their father in Season 1, but there's a difference of opinion over what that means.

Katherine (Grace Park), on the verge of romantically reconciling with Eddie, wants to tell the kids now rather than keeping it a secret and risk them finding out later, but the others don't want to rock the boat, especially with everyone getting along so well at the moment. In TV Guide's exclusive sneak peek at Thursday's episode, Katherine reveals why she wants the secret to come out, and it's not out of selfishness. Yet again, Katherine is looking at a bigger picture that the rest of her friends don't seem to see.

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Katherine tells Regina (Christina Moses) that there was a lot of lying before Eddie's drinking escalated into a problem. She doesn't want to continue the lie because it could trigger a relapse, and she doesn't want that for her son, Theo, or baby Charlie. The look on Regina's face proves that the friends have once again underestimated Katherine, who is always looking out for everyone but herself.

Damn, this woman needs a trophy, or at the very least a bougie spa day.

A Million Little Things airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.

Grace Park, David Giuntoli, A Million Little Things​

Grace Park, David Giuntoli, A Million Little Things

Jack Rowand, ABC