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A Million Little Things Confirms Barbara Morgan Is Not Who We Expected

Who is this woman?!

Megan Vick

A Million Little Things is one step closer to giving us real answers about the Barbara Morgan mystery. Thursday's episode revealed that Constance Zimmer is not playing the mystery woman named on Jon's (Ron Livingston) insurance forms. She is Jeri Huntington, a city council member who told Jon that he wouldn't get the subway vote he needed to save the building with his college apartment in it.

While many fans will be disappointed to learn that Zimmer wasn't the woman in question, Gary (James Roday) and Delilah (Stephanie Szostak) are now on the hunt for Barbara, which means we should be getting answers soon. Even though she's not Barbara Morgan, Constance Zimmer did tease to TV Guide what fans can expect from the Barbara reveal and why Jeri is such an important part in the story of Jon's decision to commit suicide.

Stephanie Szostak, A Million Little Things​

Stephanie Szostak, A Million Little Things

David Bukach, ABC

I was one of the thousands of fans who was like, "She has to be Barbara Morgan. That's why they're keeping Constance Zimmer on hold." What interested you about playing Jeri knowing she wasn't going to be Barbara Morgan?
Contance Zimmer:
Going into this, I didn't really know that everybody was going to be so crazy about trying to figure out who I was in general. So the fact that everybody believed that I was Barbara Morgan, it was kind of fun to ride that wave. It made me giggle. I was like, "Wow everybody is really convinced that that's who I am." When I told DJ, I was like, "DJ, are people going to be pissed that I'm not Barbara Morgan." Is it so great that we created such a mystery around why I was there and what do I represent, and what do I have to do with Jon's death?... So I hope that people aren't mad that I'm not Barbara Morgan but are actually excited that once again DJ has thrown in another kind of bait and switch.

A good theme for this episode was guilt, especially in that bathroom conversation between Jeri and Delilah. Why do you think that was such an important conversation for both of them to have?
I think when we don't know about somebody's pain or somebody didn't talk to you about something that bothered them. You go straight away to guilt to, "Did I do this? Did I cause this? Was I not aware of how deeply hurt this person was?" Our own ego gets in the way of the reality that is this might not have anything to do with either of us. I think for Jerry's character, because she was one of the last ones to talk to him, it's very easy to slip into, oh my god did I ruin this guy's life and was this my fault? I really loved that I got to have that moment with Delilah because she's been feeling the same way, but through talking to friends and unraveling these mysteries, she's realizing that it wasn't about her and that we all have our own demons inside ourselves that sometimes don't have to do with anybody else.

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How do you think the vote is going to make Jeri feel when she just promised this woman that this was going to go her way and it doesn't? Is that going to sort of compound her guilt or did that bathroom conversation actually resonate with her?
Zimmer: I think the bathroom conversation resonated with her. When [the board] still voted against it ... I think it's shocking. But ... when I see the look on her face and she's actually happy is, I think, all that Jeri needs. [It's] "OK, she's figured out how to move beyond this outside of me and these buildings."

Will we have the potential to see Jeri again later on in the season?
Zimmer: Not that I can see yet. ... I don't like to say that you'll never see a character again because that's the genius of being able to just keep writing and creating new content. But as of right now, there are no plans to see her again.

For the fans who might be a little disappointed that you're not Barbara Morgan, is there anything you can see about that mystery since you know so much more than we do?
Zimmer: I can tell you that the Barbara Morgan storyline is really, really cool and very unexpected. I believe the payoff will still be just as great as if I was actually Barbara Morgan.

A Million Little Things continues Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.