The real-life version of Never Been Kissed you've been longing for since 1999 is finally here!

With certain caveats, of course; things being what they are, this new untitled back-to-school series from A&E will probably skip both a) the illicit student-teacher romance plot, and b) the on-camera consumption of a three-gallon jug of cole slaw. (It's just messy.)

The premise, however, remains pretty much the same: the docuseries will feature young adults returning to high school, where they'll immerse themselves in the community over the course of a semester — and (hopefully) give viewers a rarely-seen perspective, from the inside, on what the kids these days are up to and/or into.

A&E has already done something similar with this formula of putting fish out of water into a mysterious new environment, though it's hard to say which subject matter was harder for the subjects. 60 Days In followed volunteers as they were put in prison to get a new perspective on prison life and root out some of the prison's biggest problems.

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The new high school series comes as A&E moves away from scripted programming, an experimental period that ended along with the final episode of Bates Motel this year. Per a report from Deadline, filming has already been completed on the series, which embedded its grownup high school students at Highland Park High in Topeka, Kansas during the spring semester of 2017. Twelve episodes are planned.

The untitled docuseries has no premiere date as of yet.