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After blowing her chance to go to NYU, Silver is cutting out college altogether... to work for Navid? When 90210 returns for its fourth season (Tuesday at 8/7c on The CW), Kelly's little sis will have a whole new set of priorities.

90210 Season 4 spoilers! Is Teddy gone? Can Adrianna be redeemed? Will Naomi have a baby?

Over the summer, Silver has sprinted into adulthood: she's now living with Navid (Michael Steger) and playing surrogate mom to his little sister, all while trying to figure out a career for herself. Jessica Stroup, 24, talks to about her own post-graduation anxiety, why Silver isn't as tight with Naomi this year and teases a "major arc" for her character and ex-beau Teddy.

High school shows that matriculate to college have a mixed track record. How did you feel as graduation approached last season?
I was a little nervous about it because so much of our last couple of years have been focused on school and how it related to what we did in everyday life — even though our lives in Beverly Hills are so extravagant. But I really wanted to branch out and explore things outside of being inside that little bubble of school, and I think the writers did a really good job of that. Not everyone is going to go to college this season. My character does not.

Silver doesn't enroll in CU?
As of right now, she hasn't. Right now, she's exploring her creative side. You live in California and there are opportunities... But she starts out the season working with Navid as an assistant at Shirazi Studios. You can imagine living, working and being in love with someone... all of these things being on top of each other is probably not going to be a very good thing.

We hear part of the problem is Navid's sister, Leila (guest star Summer Bishil), who crashes their domestic bliss. What can you tell us about her?
Navid's family is gone because of the underage porn scandal, and she was supposed to go to Switzerland or somewhere to finish high school. But she begs to stay back because she wants to finish with all her friends, and the only option for that is for her to stay with Navid and Silver. So she moves in and it's just chaos. She's a young brat who likes to get into trouble and doesn't care what she says or what she does or if it affects other people or not.

Is Navid aware his sister is sort of evil?
Well, Silver was a rebel, too, at one point. She was sneaking out away from her mom and Kelly and wanted to be the independent spirit. I think she sees that in Leila and wants to rein her in and try to teach her a lesson before it gets out of control. Navid doesn't see it as a problem at first.

90210 Season 4 preview: Naomi pregnant, half-naked and... heading to the slammer?

Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) announced she was pregnant in the season finale. How has Silver handled that news? 
Well, Naomi is in college when the show comes back and she's very involved in making herself feel like the old Naomi and not the Naomi who is vulnerable and a possible-mother, possible-girlfriend to Max (Josh Zuckerman). As she goes through things, a lot of it she bottles up. Silver and Naomi don't have conversations about what's really going on, so they remain friends but it's not the same.

Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) stole Silver's medicine last season, tried to commit suicide, and spent her summer trying to be a better person. Now she wants the gang's forgiveness. Is Silver buying any of it?
Silver is having none of that. This girl crossed her. Even if they have all this history between them, what she did was too much. She really begs, but Silver has just had too much loss in her life. It's a non-starter. And it does cause problems between the friends, because Adrianna is trying to change and the other friends are quicker to let her back in.

The producers have said Teddy (Trevor Donovan) will be a huge part of the show, even in a reduced capacity. How so?
Silver was a major part of his coming out. Now they're best friends. He's able to talk to her and let out what he's gone through over the summer. He went on a journey and met someone who is actually going to end up being very influential for Silver. Teddy has a major major arc this season and it's hugely related to my character. We're hanging out a lot.

What do you think about Silver deciding to work for Navid instead of going to college? Are you excited to see her spend more time with Teddy? Let us know in the comments below.