When Fox's 24 celebrated the Season 5 DVD release on Monday night in Hollywood, TVGuide.com was there to procure the following bits of Season 6 intel:

- Exec producer Howard Gordon told us that although he got a call about Kim Raver's availability the instant ABC put The Nine on hiatus, the actress has yet to film any scenes. At this point, Audrey would not put in her first appearance until mid-season, as Gordon says there are no plans to post-tape.
- Emmy nominee Jean Smart was tight-lipped about the circumstances of the disgraced First Couple's return: "You haven't seen the last of the Logans, that's all I can say. I think it was hard [to have us back], but they figured out a way to touch on that [story] a bit."
- Carlo Rota, who plays Chloe's ex-husband, revealed, "I'm back in a rather large way. They've written a fantastic story arc for Morris. I couldn't be more thrilled the way in which they've developed this character." As for leading lady Mary Lynn Rajskub, he smiles, "It's so easy to have chemistry with her."

One last snippet: 24 will go inside the White House this season - more specifically, The American President's Oval Office, rescued from storage.

(TVGuide.com also heard, from John Allen Nelson, something veddy interesting about the fate of Vanished's Senator Collins, but you'll have to wait for tomorrow's Ask Ausiello for that.)

Additional reporting by Michael Maloney