The (sinister) force is with Jonas Hodges. The (sinister) force is with Jonas Hodges.

For 24 fans who hope to once again see Jack Bauer and the American way prevail over unheard-of evil this season, there is some bad news ... and some badder news.

The simply bad news first.

Speaking with at Saturday night's GLAAD Media Awards, Cherry Jones (who plays President Allison Taylor) teased that with this week's "game-changing" episode, "We have Mr. [Jon] Voight fully in the Darth Vader chair," wreaking havoc as Jonas Hodges.

"He's moving into high gear," warns Jones, "which means the rest of us have to move into high gear. Again!"

Luckily, the U.S. of A. has a sharp-thinking POTUS to watch its back, right? Actually, it sounds like Madame President's trying day is about to get the best of her — which is understandable, given that she has witnessed the explosion of a passenger jet outside her Oval Office window as well as been held hostage during a terrorist invasion of the White House.

Says Jones, "To the fans of Allison Taylor, I apologize for a few sleep-deprived decisions I might be making in the next episode."

What sort of questionable call does 24's commander in chief make during the middle of the night? Sources tell that her primary trespass involves conniving daughter Olivia, and is sure to have viewers abuzz Tuesday morning.

Additional reporting by Gina DiNunno