Glee Glee

OK, kids, you've been (mostly) good all year, so here's your chance to give us some feedback on some of the TV we've seen this season — and what you'd like to see in 2011. And don't worry, nobody is being graded for this little quiz. Except maybe the shows themselves!

Glee: Jumped the shark, or just as sharp as ever?

Dancing with the Stars: Did Palingate keep you tuning in or turning away? If the latter, will you come back to the dance floor when it returns?

The Real Housewives: Overkill? Or is there another city you want added to the collection?

Fringe: Will you be watching when it moves to Fridays? Or do you hate great TV?

Smallville: Now that Clark and Lois are engaged, who wants to see a wedding before the series finale? Also, how do you want the whole thing to end?

NCIS: Has Gibbs still got it? What do we think of the spin-off these days?

Survivor: Given that the last season kinda sucked, are you even remotely excited for the next one?

The Vampire Diaries: Team Delena or Stefena? And what's your take on the werewolf storyline? Does it bite or have you howling for more?

American Idol: See Survivor.

The Office: Who should replace Michael? Or should Dunder Mifflin just suspend operations permanently when he leaves?

Leave your comments below and please, feel free to weigh-in on any shows not mentioned here. Happy Holidays and we'll see ya in the new year!

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