Singer E.G. Daily returned to the music biz of her own accord, but is being brought back to the fore by popular demand. After her website logged more orders than it could handle for Tearing Down the Walls, her richly emotional new platter of lite-pop, the former disco queen — who scored back-to-back club hits in the 1980s with "Say It, Say It" and the gay anthem "Love in the Shadows" — arranged to have the disc re-released this month in record stores.

"It got out of control — people in places I've never even heard of were ordering it," she tells TV Guide Online. "I kept thinking, 'How did they find out about it?' But my heart was in the right place [in making the album], and I think they get that.

"I don't really censor myself much," she adds, "so listeners can feel that [my lyrics] aren't made-up stories."

Still, the accomplished voiceover artist — the Rugrats regular's "Tommy Pickles funds" paid for her pet project — did change her tune a bit before launching her collection a second time: She added a 2001 remix of "Love in the Shadows" and a cover of Juice Newton's "Angel of the Morning" that all but comes with its own strobe light.

"My job is to deliver the music," she argues. "And maybe a fun dance track will lead people to the album, which is more acoustic. I don't care what kind of music I'm doing as long as it's honest."