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13 Things You Need to Remember About 13 Reasons Why Before Season 3 Premieres

Remember Hannah and the tapes?

Megan Vick

A lot has happened in the world of 13 Reasons Why since Hannah (Katherine Langford) made 13 cassette tapes detailing the bullying and isolation that led her to take her own life. While Season 1 chronicled her journey, Season 2 followed the people she left behind and how they coped with their grief during the trial over whether the school system was culpable for her suicide. Although some of Hannah's friends were able to find closure and move past her tragic death, making peace with their own trauma surrounding the event, others were put in a more precarious emotional position moving forward.

Season 3 will explore more of that as it tackles the mystery of who killed Bryce Walker (Justin Prentice). Before you can delve into that drama though, it's important for you to remember the key events that led to Bryce being the center of a murder investigation in the first place. Here's everything you need to remember before you start watching Season 3 on Friday, Aug. 23.

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1. Where we left off: Tyler (Devin Druid) was pushed to the emotional brink in Season 2 and took a bevy of assault weapons to the Spring Fling with the intention of killing everyone who had hurt him over the past year. Clay (Dylan Minnette) got the heads up that Tyler was coming and met him outside to talk him down. He succeeded, and Tony (Christian Navarro) showed up to drive Tyler away before the cops could arrive and arrest him.

2. Tyler's sexual assault: There were many reasons that Tyler bought the guns and brought them to the dance, but the catalyst for such a drastic action was Tyler being sexually assaulted with a broomstick by Monty (Timothy Granaderos). The scene was extremely graphic and caused a giant uproar on Twitter due to its explicit nature.

3. Clay released embarrassing photos of Tyler: Adding to Tyler's emotional trauma was the fact that Clay released embarrassing, half-nude photos of Tyler after he learned that Tyler had taken photos of Hannah in her bedroom without her consent. It turns out that two wrongs definitely don't make a right.

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4. Jessica and Justin hooked up at Spring Fling: A lot of Season 2 focused on Jessica (Alisha Boe) processing her rape and learning to cope with the trauma in order to be able to live a normal life. That also meant figuring out how to trust people and be intimate again. She found herself in a relationship with Alex (Miles Heizer) because it made her feel safe, but there was no real physical spark between the two. In a twist, Jessica ended up hooking up with her ex, Justin (Brandon Flynn), who let Bryce rape her in Season 1. The two had sex in the locker room at Spring Fling before Tyler showed up with the guns.

5. Justin is a drug addict: The guilt of what Justin let Bryce do to Jessica led him to life on the streets at the beginning of Season 2. He was eventually rescued by Clay and taken in by the Jensens, but the end of Season 2 revealed that Justin hadn't beat his heroin addiction despite his rough detox. He was last seen injecting the drugs between his toes, indicating he's still got an issue heading into Season 3.

6. The trial verdict: At the end of Season 2, the school system was not found responsible for Hannah's suicide, and worse yet, Bryce settled so he wasn't convicted of raping her, either. However, he was forced to transfer schools to Hillside Prep at the end of Season 2.

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7. Why Bryce got off: Bryce was able to escape a conviction because his girlfriend in Season 2, Chloe (Anne Winters), lied on the witness stand and said he didn't rape her in the club house while she was passed out. She lied because she found out just before testifying that she was pregnant with Bryce's child and couldn't bring herself to send him to jail.

8. Hannah's parents split up: Hannah's father (Brian d'Arcy James) was desperate to put his daughter's death behind him in Season 2, while Hannah's mother (Kate Walsh) wanted to find justice for what happened to Hannah. The two opposing coping mechanisms took a deathly toll on their marriage and led to divorce. Hannah's father was already with a new partner before Season 2 concluded.

9. Mr. Porter was fired: Mr. Porter (Derek Luke) was the school counselor through Season 1 and the person who failed to see that Hannah was reaching out for help on the day that she killed herself. His involvement with her suicide, and the reveal that he discouraged her from coming forward about her sexual assault, led to him being fired.

Derek Luke and Justin Prentice, 13 Reasons Why​

Derek Luke and Justin Prentice, 13 Reasons Why

Beth Dubber/Netflix

10. But he threatened Bryce first: Before Mr. Porter officially cleaned out his desk, he could see that Bryce still didn't understand the devastating effects of his actions. Bryce's cocky attitude led to Mr. Porter body-checking him in the boy's bathroom. This was not reported to any authority figures.

11. Clay also threatened Bryce: When Clay realized that Bryce wasn't going to have to pay for his crimes, he took a gun to the Porter house and threatened Bryce in the front yard. Fortunately, Justin was there to calm him down. Clay was truly only a danger to himself, but it was the second time that Clay tried to take justice for Hannah into his own hands.

12. Hannah and the tapes: While Hannah won't have a physical presence in Season 3, the aftermath of her death and the fallout of the tapes is still present in the minds of her classmates. Alex is still recovering from shooting himself in the head at the end of Season 1 after he realized he heard Bryce raping Hannah in the hot tub. Tyler is still dealing with the stigma of his involvement with Hannah's suicide, and Tony is still the keeper of Hannah's final message to the world.

13. Tony drives a red mustang: It's as synonymous with Tony's being as his perfectly coiffed hair, but after a year you may have forgotten Tony's sweet red ride.

13 Reasons Why Season 3 premieres Friday, Aug. 23 on Netflix.

Editor's Note: This story has been changed to reflect that Derek Luke's character name was Mr. Porter, not Walker.