Justin Timberlake, Pepsi Ad Justin Timberlake, Pepsi Ad

Whether you're celebrating Super Bowl XLIII because you're a fan or because you want to stuff yourself silly with delicacies from the grease buffet, we all can agree that the commercials are a major attraction of the big game day, which kicks off at 6 pm/ET on NBC (pre-game coverage starts at 4 pm/ET on NBC, Fox and ESPN).  

In order to get your party started right, check out the top commercials from last year's Super Bowl, and see if you agree with our top six. Be sure to check back Sunday night to watch and weigh in on the new commercials and top moments from the night.  


Our Top 6

6. "Carrier Pigeons," FedEx
Maybe giant delivery birds with GPS and night-vision aren't the best idea.

5. "Justin Timberlake," Pepsi
Everyone wants a piece of JT.

4. "Coke Floats," Coca-Cola
Stewie vs. Underdog: It's the inflatable match of the century — with a surprise victor.

3. "Baby Don't Hurt Me," Diet Pepsi Max
Any one else have the sudden urge to go clubbing? 

2. "Clydesdale Training," Bud Light
So moving, it even brings a tear to Rocky's eye.

1. "Thriller," LifeWater
Lizards doing the "Thriller" dance puts the Geico gecko to shame.