Judson "Jud" Birza Judson "Jud" Birza

By Damian Holbrook

Burn, baby, burn!

Last night, Survivor's Libertad tribe faced something worse than NaOnka's attitude after their camp burnt down while they were off on a reward challenge. Their crates. Their machetes. Their morale. All gone. And all thanks to Fabio's brilliant suggestion to move the campfire closer to their structure in case it rained. Way to go, kid.

Still, [SPOILER ALERT] the fire paled in comparison to the heated tribal council, where Queen Brenda was finally dethroned. After almost everyone seemed to screw someone else over — big ol' country boy Chase tried to turn the team against Benry, Sash backed down from using his immunity idol to save Brenda,  who was completely sold out by her so-called bestie NaOnka — the players then put the "pow" into pow-wow during their weekly meeting with Jeff Probst. Accusations, insults, and indignation were all on the menu as these emaciated, untrustworthy backstabbers once again proved that they have no idea what the word "alliance" actually means.

Not that we're sad to see Brenda go. Girl was straight-up mean and that means we — and her conspirators — are in for one explosive finale now that she's on the jury. After all, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And we're betting this one is gonna come back with guns blazing.

What did you think of Brenda's elimination?

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