With The View having netted 10 consecutive nominations in the Daytime Emmys' Outstanding Talk Show Host contest - yet failing to convert on any nods to date - ABC has offered up this list of Joy Behar's top 10 reasons why she, Babs, Liz and Rosie/"Occupant" are worthy.

10. We've already lost nine times and Susan Lucci is worried we'll beat her record. [ Lucci/Emmys joke? Check.]
9. We're the only show with Hot Topics and hot flashes. [ Borderline bawdy item? Check.]
8. We promise our acceptance speech will be shorter than Britney's hair. [ Topical-ish reference, check.]
7. We give free juice, cookies and foot massages to our studio audience. [ Blatant-but-"cute" lie, check.]
6. We all know how to decoupage. [ Arcane item, check.]
5. Limoncello endorsements by celebrity guests. [ Getting even less topical....]
4. If Barbara Walters' dog can talk, then anything is possible. [ "In" joke, check.]
3. Two words: Celebrity feuds. [ "Two words" item, check.]
2. We support the American confetti industry in between parades. [ "In" joke No. 2 (it's allowed), check.]
1. Donald Trump is not a Daytime Emmy voter. [ The one you see coming down Broadway (though usually slotted around Nos. 4 or 5), check.]

Behar then adds, "It would be nice if we did win because rumor has it Brad and Angelina promised to adopt us." [ And we end on a high note.]