Remember that NBC show called Will &#038 Grace? Last season, it was more like Leo &#038 Grace... and Oh Yeah, Will. The show needed a bit of shake up last year, executive producers Jeff Greenstein and Jhoni Marchenko tell TV Guide Online. (We agree. It was getting sort of shrill.) "Getting Grace (Debra Messing) married was a big risk," admits Marchenko, while defending the "conflict and good stories" it generated. And "fans like the effect it's had on Grace," adds Greenstein. "She's more together, less neurotic, more of a woman."

While that heterosexual marriage will survive — at least until November sweeps — the producers know the show's fans (including us) miss the love that used to scream its name between Will (Eric McCormack) and Grace. "One of the things we'll be doing over the initial dozen episodes is that Will and Grace will find themselves enmeshed in each other's lives a lot more," Greenstein promises. Hmm. We hear their living arrangements will change once again. Though we don't yet know who rooms with whom, we could easily picture a prodigal Grace turning up with suitcase in hand at Will's door.

There will also be some new love this season. Look for Karen (Megan Mullally) to get even with her nemesis, Lorraine — as played by the wonderful Minnie Driver, who will return for at least four episodes. The boozy, single socialite shares cocktails with Lorraine's wealthy, "rough around the edges" dad, who — blessed be! — owns a distillery.

Oh, and "some romantic assignations" are in the hopper for perpetual bridesmaid Will, who has at least one date with Dylan McDermott this season. Meanwhile, the nude bodies occupying Jack's interest will be bed-bound. As in the convalescent type. "Just Jack" takes his act off to nursing school, where we're sure he'll look just adorable in scrubs.

Season Six of Will &#038 Grace debuts tonight at 8:45 pm/ET.