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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 Reviews

In 1986 director Tobe Hooper botched the remake of the 1953 science-fiction cult classic INVADERS FROM MARS and then went on to prove he couldn't even make a sequel to his own cult classic. This time around, a family of Texas maniacs are aiming their chainsaws at obnoxious yuppies who cruise through town in their Mercedes Benzes. The murders come to the attention of ex-Texas Ranger Lefty Enright (Dennis Hopper, in an awful performance), who is obsessed with the chainsaw killings of the previous film, and who tries to bring the insane family out of hiding. From the concept to the casting, CHAINSAW II was an ill-conceived mess. Although every one of the original cast members was willing to participate in the sequel, all except Jim Siedow were snubbed. Perhaps the most significant addition to the sequel was the participation of gore-effects master Tom Savini (DAY OF THE DEAD, CREEPSHOW, MONKEY SHINES: AN EXPERIMENT IN TERROR), who does some terrifically nauseating work here, though none of it belongs. Hooper took the easy path and went for out-and-out gore, rather than making a carefully constructed horror film. The film feels as if Hooper himself has nothing but contempt for the original and went out of his way to tear it down.