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Strange Invaders Reviews

An offbeat science-fiction film that was scarcely noticed at the time it was released. Paul LeMat plays a professor, Charles Bigelow, whose ex-wife, Margaret (Diana Scarwid), is an alien invader disguised as a female human. After three decades, the aliens have decided to return to their planet, but must make sure all of their kind, including Margaret and her half-human daughter, are included. Charles figures out their scheme, and fights to keep his daughter on Earth. Apart from a few grotesque scenes, the atmosphere and plot recall science-fiction films of the 1950s such as INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS or IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE. Behind all of it lies a subtle humor. An engrossing science-fiction entry which is a distinct improvement over Michael Laughlin and William Condon's 1981 offering, STRANGE BEHAVIOR/DEAD KIDS.