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Popular Science J-6-2

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  • 1936 - Oscar - Best Short Subject (Color) - nominated

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Bob and Don: A Love Story

0 hr 21 mins
Opposites make for great comedy in the life-long friendship of comedy legends Bob Newhart and Don Rickles by Judd Apatow.
2023 NR Documentary

2000 Mules

1 hr 29 mins
Bestselling Author and award-winning Filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza expose widespread, coordinated voter fraud in the 2020 election, sufficient to change the overall outcome. Drawing on research provided by the election integrity group True the Vote, "2000 Mules" offers two types of evidence: geotracking and video. The geotracking evidence, based on a database of 10 trillion cell phone pings, exposes an elaborate network of paid professional operatives called mules delivering fraudulent and illegal votes to mail-in dropboxes in the five key states where the election was decided. Video evidence, obtained from official surveillance cameras installed by the states themselves, confirms the geotracking evidence. The movie concludes by exploring numerous ways to prevent the fraud from happening again.
2022 NR Documentary, Fantasy, Other

Who Took Johnny?

1 hr 16 mins
An examination of the infamous thirty-year-old cold case of Iowa paperboy Johnny Gosch, the first missing child to appear on a milk carton. The film focuses on Johnny's mother, Noreen Gosch, and her relentless quest to find the truth about what happened to her son. Along the way there have been mysterious sightings, bizarre revelations, and a confrontation with a person who claims to have helped abduct Johnny.
2013 NR Documentary, Other

Something to Stand for with Mike Rowe

1 hr 55 mins
One of America's touted favorite storytellers goes to the heart of the nation to explore and tell the stories of important American heroes. The film touches on the American Revolution, World War II, and the Civil Rights Movement. These stories may be new to the audience, but they are regarded as pillars of what makes America great today.
2024 Documentary, Other

Slippery When Wet

1 hr 12 mins
Surfers Henry Ford, Freddy Pfhaler, Kemp Aaberg, Del Cannon, and Dick Thomas decide to leave California so they can embark on a dream trip to Hawaii. While in Hawaii the carefree quintet ride all kinds of waves at various top Hawaiian surfing spots and live together in a rundown shack on the North Shore of Oahu on only a hundred dollars a day.
1958 NR Documentary, Other

The Fabulous Four

0 hr 50 mins
The world seen through the four elements. Fire, air, water, earth, the natural elements from which every element of which matter is made originates.
2020 NR Documentary

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