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My Favorite Spy Reviews

Hope plays a dual role as a burlesque comic and international spy. The spy is all set to meet a scientist in Europe and pick up some important microfilm but is captured by other agents. The burlesque comic, picked up by cops who mistake him for the spy, is induced into making the trip to fetch the microfilm. He goes to Tangier to make the contact and meets Lamarr, the real spy's girl. She is also an operative with a ring run by Sullivan, who wants the microfilm himself and is soon chasing the would-be agent. Meanwhile, the real agent has escaped and arrives in Tangier. But he is killed and the comic confesses all to a slightly confused Lamarr. She helps Hope escape Sullivan's clutches and the latter is finally arrested. Hope is given $10,000 for his efforts, which he uses to open up a little haberdashery for himself and Lamarr in the quieter land of New Jersey. A nice, rollicking comedy, this was a good vehicle for Hope's talents. He makes the two different characters believable, keeping the old dual-identity plot fresh. Lamarr is also good, though apparently she was a lot better than this film lets on. It seems Hope was enraged because she had stolen the show from him in the final studio cut, so at his insistence the film was further edited so he would be the funnier one. Lamarr was naturally furious and never forgave Hope. The direction is fine for comedy, taking the film along at a breakneck pace. Two songs are seemingly sung by Lamarr, but the numbers were actually a well-synched dubbing.