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Man's Favorite Sport? Reviews

Director-producer Hawks here returned to the comic formulas that worked so well for him in BRINGING UP BABY and I WAS A MALE WAR BRIDE but achieved only limited success. Cary Grant had been able to carry the earlier films with a characteristic charm that leading man Hudson was unable to match. Hudson is the star fishing-supplies salesman of a large sporting goods store, but he knows nothing about fishing. Publicity agent Prentiss convinces Hudson's boss, McGiver, that Hudson should enter a fishing contest. With a little luck and assistance from a bear, Hudson wins. Acknowledging that his win is a fluke, he forfeits the prize and subsequently gets fired. In the end, Hudson gets his job back and lands Prentiss as well. Hawks delivers his usual heavy-handed direction, but the film's premise is too flimsy to spread over two hours. The script is marred by tired comic routines and slow pacing. The cast, though, with the exception of Hudson, offers very good performances--Prentiss in particular.