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Kongo Reviews

That great character actor Huston never gave a more brutal and shocking performance than he did in KONGO. Huston is a white renegade who was crippled in a confrontation with arch enemy Gordon years earlier. He cannot walk and drags himself about his ramshackle tropical house with powerful arms. He controls the local tribesmen of the Congo through voodoo and threats of death by his magical instruments, guns. Moreover, he abuses every white person he meets, including Bruce, who he believes is the daughter of his nemesis Gordon. For sport he drives others mad and hooks young doctor Nagel on drugs. He degrades Bruce slowly, agonizingly, until she is reduced to a quivering mass of slavish flesh, laughing sadistically at her plight. Meanwhile, Velez hangs about to pick up any scrap of attention that monster Huston cares to toss her way. But the inhuman Huston gets his comeuppance. Gordon visits him and they struggle. Before Gordon dies, he tells Huston that Bruce is Huston's daughter, not his own. Now Huston goes through agony and his Boris Karloff-like makeup seems to soften as he tries to make amends, sending Bruce and Nagel out of the hellhole where he lives to safety. The natives, finally wise to their bogus voodoo master, close in for the horrible kill. This gruesome film is really a horror show that is both frightening and disturbing. Although Huston is superb as the evil renegade living for revenge, the bizarre story is so offbeat that few will be able to identify with the antihero's plight. Remake of WEST OF ZANZIBAR.