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Keanu Reeves
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Scream VI

2 hr 3 mins
Bored of the lackluster killings in the quaint town of Woodsboro, the sinister and notorious serial killer Ghostface leaves his small-town stomping grounds behind, pursuing more ambitious conquests in New York City. Determined to overthrow his reign of terror once and for all, a cohort of familiar faces returns to seek justice for the bloodshed. Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett co-direct the sixth installment in the horror franchise. Co-starring Jenna Ortega, Courteney Cox, and Melissa Barrera.
61   Metascore
2023 R Horror, Suspense, Other

28 Days Later

1 hr 58 mins
Chilling and suspenseful apocalyptic thriller about resourceful Londoners trying to survive a deadly viral outbreak and the flesh-eating zombies it creates.
73   Metascore
2002 R Drama, Horror, Suspense, Science Fiction

Faces of Death

1 hr 28 mins
Experience the ultimate in cinematic shock and horror as Dr. Francis Gross (Michael Carr) leads viewers on a guided exploration of that fateful moment when the spark of life is brutally snuffed out. Everybody dies -- it's the fate we all face from the moment we're born. There's simply no escape from the encroaching darkness, and in this film we're offered a firsthand glimpse at the many ways that life can end. From airplane crashes to railway disasters, some of us meet a spectacular end while others fall prey to hungry wildlife predators, an assassin's bullet, or - as in the case of some condemned prisoners - get strapped into the electric chair and blasted into the afterlife with over 2000 volts of pure electricity. With Dr. Gross as our guide, we bear witness to death in its many forms -- even visiting a debauched death cult that mixes the ecstasy of sex with the sweet release of that final moment. Horrific glimpses of animal slaughter reveal the cruelty man can unleash upon creatures lower on the food-chain, and authentic autopsy footage indulges our morbid curiosities about our final stop on the way to the grave.
1978 NR Documentary, Horror, Suspense, Other

The Swarm

1 hr 41 mins
Struggling to feed her family, a single mother takes to breeding locusts as a rich protein source until her experiments go significantly awry.
2021 NR Drama, Horror, Other, Science Fiction


1 hr 32 mins
Friends star Jennifer Aniston made her film debut in this horror story about a psychotic, six-centuries-old leprechaun on a murder spree throughout North Dakota.
17   Metascore
1993 R Horror, Fantasy, Other

Cocaine Bear

1 hr 35 mins
In the wilderness of Georgia, an unlikely band of police officers, notorious criminals, unwitting tourists, and ragtag teenagers find themselves thrust into a situation of life or death. When an unnaturally large black bear suddenly rampages through the forest after consuming cocaine, the humans must outlast the creature or face fatal consequences. Elizabeth Banks directs the thriller. Co-starring Ray Liotta, Keri Russell, and Alden Ehrenreich.
54   Metascore
2023 R Horror, Comedy, Suspense, Other

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