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Knightriders Reviews

Horror director George Romero departed from his usual fare to direct this fun, romantic, and vastly underrated elegy to idealism and rugged individualism. Ed Harris (THE RIGHT STUFF; WALKER; THE ABYSS) stars as Billy, the kinglike leader of a troupe of motorcyclists whose relations with one another are based on Arthurian legend. Traveling from town to town, they sell crafts and stage motorcycle jousts in complete medieval regalia. Within the troupe there is also a smaller group that is loyal to Morgan (special-effects genius-actor-director Tom Savini), who is Billy's evil, ambitious adversary. The action heats up when ranks of the bike-riding nomads are split by an greedy promoter who wants to make Morgan a star in his own right. KNIGHTRIDERS is overlong and at times fairly undramatic, but for viewers who stick with it and accept the premise, there is much of interest to be found here.