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Flashdance Reviews

One of the most successful movies of 1983, FLASHDANCE is nothing but glossy fluff. Jennifer Beals stars as Alex Owens, an 18-year-old welder in a Pittsburgh steel mill who moonlights as a dancer in the bar her coworkers frequent. She is having an affair with her boss (Michael Nouri), who helps her strive to achieve her dream--to be a ballerina. Although the "story" is almost wholly without depth or plausibility, it's carried off with great style.   Director Adrian Lyne's (9 1/2 WEEKS; FATAL ATTRACTION) previous experience directing TV commercials tells heavily in his reliance on slick cutting and sumptuous visuals here. Watching FLASHDANCE is like sitting through a long rock video or aerobics tape, with Beals (and a lot of stand-in by Marine Jahan) doing frenzied water- or sweat-drenched dances to a pounding beat in skimpy outfits.   Several hits came off the soundtrack album, including "Flashdance--What a Feeling" (sung by FAME's Irene Cara), which won an Academy Award for Best Original Song. The song "Maniac," the cinematography, and the film editing also received nominations.