The O.C.
So it's another Chrismukkah for the folks at

The O.C. But apparently it's spawned a child that goes by the name Chrismukkah Bar Mitzvakkah. Ryan's the honoree of this newly formed rite of passage. I don't know about you but I always get a wee bit uncomfortable for Ryan when he has to partake in group fun like getting up in front of Newport's elite and giving a speech. And just how many times can the word "Chrismukkah" be uttered in one show? Apparently 3,743,686 times, and that's not including the 23 times it appears in this column.

Flashdance's Michael Nouri is back as Summer's dad; he makes a connection of sorts with Julie Cooper and explains what happened to Summer's mom. The show may have touched a bit on this before, I don't really remember. But at least we got some Summer angst. As for her BF, we got to see the video of his very own bar mitzvah. I felt like I was watching Friends you know, "The One with the Prom Video." Much like things didn't originally work out for Ross, Sethulah had no friends to speak of at his party. All the kids were at Luke's birthday bash. Love it that they still mention Luke.

What's the purpose of Johnny? Julie chewing on Skoal? Ewwww! Ryan in a suit = Yea. Cooper Scooper = Boo! And did anyone else get a cavity from the ending? Everyone lined up in one big group hug and danced to "That's What's Friends Are For." By the way, my favorite part of that song is Elton John's sarcastic "Yeah" at the very end. And since every year the Chrismukkah goings-on get bigger and bigger, I suggest that next year the whole gang celebrate Chrismukwanzaakkah. Just a thought.