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Eddie and the Cruisers Reviews

As the film opens, a TV reporter (Ellen Barkin) is researching a documentary on 60s rock star Eddie Wilson (Michael Pare) and his band, "Eddie and the Cruisers." It seems Eddie died in an auto accident, but his body was never found. And what happened to those master tapes of the Cruisers' last recording session? As the reporter talks to survivors from the band--most notably Frank Ridgeway (Tom Berenger)--we flash back over the story of Eddie and the band and finally unlock the singer's mystery. Pare lacks charisma as Eddie, but the Bruce Springsteen-like music (by John Cafferty, who dubs Eddie's singing voice, and his Beaver Brown Band) was good enough to put the soundtrack album in the Top 40 charts. The film bombed at the box office then was a big hit on cable television.