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Demons Reviews

Gore, goo and demonic possession are the cornerstones of this cult fright flick, in which a horror movie exerts a deadly influence over those unfortunate enough to watch it. A student is given a ticket to a special screening at the eerie Metropol theater by a man in a creepy metal mask who scares her half to death in the subway. She and her friend decide to skip classes and take in the show, a decision they quickly regret. The crowd is an odd mix: a squabbling middle-aged couple, a blind man and his duplicitous wife, a pimp and two of his girls — one of whom scratches herself on a creepy demon mask on display in the lobby — teenagers and twentysomethings. "I hope this isn't a horror movie," says one of the students, but of course it is: Some overage movie teens messing around in a spooky cemetery, looking for the grave of Nostradamus. When they find it, they also find a demon-face mask, and one of them cuts himself on it, just like the girl in the lobby. He becomes a demon in the movie, she becomes a demon in the movie-theater bathroom, and soon the motley patrons are running for their lives, as more and more of them become ghastly creatures. There's not an original thought in sight — the story is EVIL DEAD in a movie theater — and it doesn't pay to give much thought to the self-referential implications of the story: The demons and their gross-out antics are the main event. Italian horror buffs will want to make note of future director Michele Soavi (as the masked man/demon mask wearer in the movie within the movie) and Dario Argento's daughter Fiore as Hannah, who comes to a predictable bad end.