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Dead and Buried Reviews

A series of vicious murders of tourists plagues a New England town, and everyone seems to know what's going on except the sheriff (James Farentino). All the clues lead to Dobbs (Jack Albertson), the eccentric coroner-mortician who cuts up cadavers while listening to 1940s swing music and has somehow managed to revive the dead. Scripted by Ronald Shusett and Dan O'Bannon, the team that penned ALIEN, this Gary A. Sherman effort may have a loyal following, but it is a stupid movie nonetheless. Most of the plot twists are confusing and haphazardly developed, leaving the movie as little more than an excuse to show off Stan Winston's admittedly effective gore effects. Given Sherman's wretched subsequent track record (WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE; POLTERGEIST III), one wonders what people see in his work. This was veteran comedian and character actor Albertson's last film before his death the same year.