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Cats Don't Dance Reviews

An animated parody of the disparity between Hollywood image and reality, this occasionally clever kiddie feature often rises above its straightforward plot. In the golden years of the '30s, Danny (voice of Scott Bakula) -- a perky and persistent cat from Kokomo -- is determined to break into the movies, unaware that animal actors are relegated to stereotypical background roles and dull, predictable lines like "meow." On his first day as an extra, Danny incurs the wrath of a tyrannical Shirley Temple-like child star named Darla Dimple (voice of Ashley Peldon) by stealing a scene right out from under her. Darla makes it her mission to drive Danny out of town and thwarts his efforts to show L. B. Mammoth (voice of George Kennedy) -- read: Mayer -- just how talented animals can be. Just when you think that Danny has given up, he devises a way to expose Darla for the talentless, wretched excuse for a human being she is. Danny and his animal cohorts seize the day and show a whole crowd of humans that animals can sing and dance with the best of them. References to films new and old, as well as the many caricatures of such old-time actors as W.C. Fields, Mae West and Clark Gable are obviously aimed at movie-savvy adults, while youngsters ought to be satisfied by the colorful animation and chirpy songs.