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Bad Boy Reviews

Earnest attempt at depicting the work done by the Boy's Club ranch at Copperas Cove, Texas. The story is simple: a bad boy (Murphy in his first major role, four years after having been the hero of WW II) gets some heavy time after an armed robbery. They turn him over to the guys at Copperas Cove, figuring they might be able to rehabilitate him. It doesn't work, so they do further research and learn that his anti-social behavior is mainly due to a mistaken belief that he was responsible for the death of his mother, and Murphy is saved. Not a bad film, though a bit thick on the moralizing. Nolan and Wyatt, as the folks who run the farm, do a fine job, and Clements almost steals the movie with his winning comedic ways. Moore, who went on to write a scandalous book about his youth in the movies, and Lydon (HENRY ALDRICH; LIFE WITH FATHER) are excellent as other juvenile delinquents. Cook, on the other hand, is his customary dull self. Gleason as the Chief is perfect.