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All the Easter Eggs in Jordan Peele's Twilight Zone Trailer

The trippy trailer has a lot of callbacks

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Nightmare at 30,000 Feet

The most obvious callback to the original Twilight Zone series happens early in the trailer for Jordan Peele's reboot. Adam Scott is shown on a plane in "Nightmare at 30,000 Feet" -- a revival of the original series' iconic episode "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet," which starred William Shatner. We're guessing Scott's character's headphones are about to deliver some very strange news that'll add some serious turbulence to the trip.

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Familiar airline

Next we see that Scott's flight is operated by Northern Goldstar Airlines -- a wink to the fact that the original episode's hubbub took place on board a Gold Star Airways flight.

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Martians everywhere

The relevance of Mars to the original Twilight Zone series cannot be overstated, so the image of a wall touting a Mars mission could be tied to any number of throwback episodes. The fact that Scott's character is somehow involved with this thread seems strange until ...

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All alone

The shot of Scott lying on the beach brings back memories of "People Are Alike All Over," when a man crash-lands on Mars and finds that he's not alone. So, there's a potential extraterrestrial connection. We'll have to see whether -- and how -- the show will manage to incorporate Mars into the classic story of a flight in danger. Of course, the Mars imagery might just be a wink to the planet's symbolic importance in the original series.

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Monster on the wing

In an exciting visual callback to "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet," the doll that washes up on shore looks a lot like the monster that terrorized William Shatner so well in the original episode.

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The mystic seer returns

The fortune teller machine that tormented a couple of newlyweds in "Nick of Time" makes an appearance here, looking sinister as ever.

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Busy Bee?

This cute cartoon bee on a sign, which appears toward the end of trailer, could also be part of an homage to "Nick of Time" -- in that episode, the diner where the couple find the fortune teller machine is called the Busy Bee Cafe.

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Time recorder

In a new version of "Rewind" from the early 2000s Twilight Zone reboot, Sanaa Lathan's character gains the ability to turn back time with her recorder -- this time, it's a video camera, which is also a callback to an old favorite, "A Most Unusual Camera."

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Creepy diner dude

The diner we spot in the trailer has to be callback to the diner with the iconic three-eyed Martian in "Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?" -- right?

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Bad Santa

Could that perp Santa on this tie be a nod to The Twilight Zone's old Christmas episode "Night of the Meek," featuring a drunkard Santa who gets the chance to redeem himself with a gift-bearing bag?

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Comedy club

Perhaps the comedy club shot is a bit of an homage to "The Silence," a 1961 episode, set in a men's club, involving a man who's dared to go silent for a year by living in a glass enclosure. Comedy clubs also factored into episodes like "Take My Life...Please!" from the 1980s reboot.

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What's in a name?

The club scene also presents a shot with some names scattered across the wall -- one of which is James Embry, a callback to "King Nine Will Not Return," a 1960 episode about a WWII pilot who gets separated from his crew.

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What dog?

The missing dog mystery sure reminds us of what happened in "Little Girl Lost," in which a girl vanishes from her bedroom but keeps crying for help -- especially since the next shot of Kumail Nanjiani's character includes a big bed.

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Many many monkeys

Monkeys have always had a particularly creepy place in the world of The Twilight Zone, especially as a means of symbolism, so the prevalence of monkeys in this teaser is definitely no accident.

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Any relation?

The name Oliver Foley may ring a bit of a bell. The character Helen Foley appeared in both an episode titled "Nightmare as a Child" and a segment of Twilight Zone: The Movie.

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Time piece

Whether or not the stopwatch here can stop time, this shot is a definite callback to the device du jour in 1963's "A Kind of Stopwatch."

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A powerful regime

The sweeping shot of an American-ish totalitarian regime feels like a callback to "He's Alive," one of The Twilight Zone's most consequential -- and still relevant -- episodes ever.

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Beware the wunderkind

If Jacob Tremblay's "Wunderkind" character is anything like Anthony Fremont, Billy Mumy's powerful and manipulative character in "It's a Good Life" -- and judging by the shots of him strolling along in charge of everyone, he is -- things are about to get ugly for everyone in this kid's life.