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Game of Thrones and this guy are making "Stark" happen!

Meagan Good and Stark Sands, Minority Report
1 of 14 Bruce Macaulay/FOX

1. He stars on Fox's sci-fi action thriller Minority Report

Stark Sands plays Dash, one of the "pre-cogs" whose predictions were used by the PreCrime division of law enforcement in the original Tom Cruise film to prevent murders before they happened. The series takes place 10 years after PreCrime ended, as Dash tries to navigate what it is to live in 2064 as a regular -- yet oddly gifted -- citizen.

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2. He's a Broadway star with two Tony nominations

Stark earned his first nod playing 2nd Lt. Raleigh in the 2007 revival of Journey's End and more recently got a nod for playing opposite Tony winner Billy Porter in the Broadway musical version of Kinky Boots, written by Harvey Fierstein and with music by Cyndi Lauper. It won a Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album.

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3. His name runs in the family

Meet Stark Bunker Sands. Stark is his mother's maiden name, and Bunker was his late father's middle name, which was also Stark's maternal great-grandmother's maiden name.

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4. He's a Texan, y'all!

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Stark is from a prominent family and is the great-grandson of a Texas oil tycoon.

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5. He can strut his stuff in high heels

Stark can handle the killer red six-inch-high boots that he wore on stage for Kinky Boots. He's good enough to make even Tyra jealous!

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6. He has killer pipes

Stark, who has been singing on stage since high school, cannot get rid of the musical bug. Not only has he starred in Kinky Boots and the musical adaptation of Green Day's American Idiot, but he also appeared as a successful musician in the Coen Brothers' film Inside Llewyn Davis .

7 of 14 Bruce Macaulay/FOX

7. He plays a twin on Minority Report, but is also one in real life!

On Minority Report, Dash and his twin brother Arthur (also Sands) both get partial visions of the future that don't make much sense on their own. In real life, Stark grew up with a twin brother Jacob who helped "act" in amateur video performances of the classic Mr. Men picture books at home with their older sister.

8 of 14 Michael Lavine/CBS

8. He looks good in uniform

Stark has played a military man or cop in a lot of his projects. Starting with playing a lieutenant in the World War I play Journey's End and then an injured soldier in American Idiot on stage, he then went on to don a uniform for the small screen for Generation Kill, NYC 22 and Flags of Our Fathers. Even in the remake of Day of the Dead, he played Bud Crain, who was destined to become "vegetarian" zombie Bub.

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9. His dreams came true right out of college

Six months after earning his BFA from the University of Southern California, he auditioned for his favorite show, HBO's acclaimed drama Six Feet Under, and won the recurring role of Toby, playing the love interest of Claire (Lauren Ambrose).

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10. He found his true love across the pond

Stark met British journalist Gemma Clarke on a sidewalk in London, and not only did they fall for each other and get married, but she even converted him into a soccer fan! Now that's true love.

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11. The month of May has been good to him

Stark became a dad in May, the same month that Fox announced the pickup of Minority Report as one of its new shows for fall. The champagne must have been flowing in the Sands household!

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12. He was once arrested... for shooting hoops!

When Stark was in high school, he and his friends would go to their old elementary school's gym to make slam dunk videos with the lower hoops. Cops busted the whole group one night and hauled them into jail. Stark ended up doing 100 hours of community service as penance.

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13. His hair struggle is real

As Stark grew up, his golden locks made way for what he termed a "Caucasian Afro" that was was super unruly. He even had it "relaxed" once. During his time on stage and screen, he's also shaved his head and even wore a long brunette wig to play Anne Hathaway's twin brother in Twelfth Night.

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14. His acoustic version of "Hey Ya" will make your day

We already know Stark can sing and play guitar, but he's at his best when he does his own arrangements and allows his soulful voice to shine. Treat yourself to his version of Outkast's "Hey Ya" right now to see why we're hoping that we'll hear him sing on TV soon!