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We've got a Vegas entertainer and an undercover cop!

Angie “Rockstar” Lantry, Big Brother 20
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Angie “Rockstar” Lantry

Age: 34 (Turns 35 on June 22)
Hometown: Columbia, Maryland
Current City: Columbia, Maryland
Occupation: Stay-at-home mom
Her strategy: My strategy is to really kind of hang back and analyze who all the people are that are in the house before trying to make any kind of judgments or decisions in general... You have to get to know them. I feel like I'm going to find one person I can rely on that I feel like I can trust and that's going to be my ace 'til the end.
What she's looking for in a potential ally: A single person that could play a different game than me. Maybe a more physically fit person. I'm definitely, I would say, more academic than physical. Although I did have natural birth three times so I am strong. I would say ideally it would be a single, athletic, fit girl

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Scottie Salton

Age: 26
Hometown: Shorewood, Illinois
Current City: Chicago, Illinois
Occupation: Shipping manager
Whether he'll reveal he's a superfan: Usually people see glasses and not a glamorous-type look and they're going to assume superfan. There's not really much to hide it. I'm not going to try and rub it in peoples' faces. I think I kind of come off a little nit-witted every now and then so I'm going to try and use that to my advantage. I definitely brought contacts so I'm not gonna be wearing glasses the entire time.
What he's looking for in a potential ally: if I have a one ride-or-die person, the first thing I'm looking for is their social ability. In that first part where we're all talking about each other's lives, I'll look for ... if they're social mimicking, facial mimicking, even if they're laughing at things that aren't funny. Anyone I think will be a very good social gamer because social game takes you the furthest in Big Brother.

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Steve Arienta

Age: 40
Hometown: Parsippany, New Jersey
Current City: Wanaque, New Jersey
Occupation: Former undercover cop
How his age will affect his game: I know it's going to be a younger crowd so I'm not going to be going for the fatherly role. Listen, I'm a father of three daughters. I get it. That's not the role I'm going to have to play. I'm going to have to play the cool uncle role. Like this guy's awesome and he's loyal.
What he's anxious about: Honestly, I'm used to getting up in the middle of the night in my underwear and my t-shirt and going to the bathroom. I don't want to walk around in my underwear in front of young ladies that I don't know. I'm going to have to make a very conscious effort of leaving the bed and putting sweatpants on.

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Winston Hines

Age: 28
Hometown: Somerset, Kentucky
Current City: Bowling Green, Kentucky
Occupation: Medical sales rep
What he's looking for in a potential ally: I would love to connect with a bro, have a little bromance off the bat. But you never can bet on that because I'll tell you, if there's one thing you know, guys will stab you in the back quicker than a female.
His social strategy: It's going to be tough. You don't want to seem too social because then you're a target. You don't want to seem unsocial because then you're a target. You've got to find that line and that's what's going to be really tough, is to sit back and diagnose everybody's personalities and then figure out your way to connect with each one in just the right amount of way where no one else is suspicious.

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Sam Bledsoe

Age: 27
Hometown: Stuarts Draft, Virginia
Current City: Stuarts Draft, Virginia
Occupation: Welder
Her plans for the first HOH: For me, personally, I would like to win Head of Household because it would be the most comfortable position. I'd get to sleep in the nice big bed and have a basket of things. I think once you get that Head of Household or whatever, people have to get to know you better. That would be my real reason, just to crack the ice at the beginning.
What she's anxious about: Taking a sh--.

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Haleigh Broucher

Age: 21
Hometown: Village Mills, Texas
Current City: College Station, Texas
Occupation: College student
How her age will affect her game: I'm not exactly worried. I'm more expecting to be underestimated in terms of I'm the youngest there so I will be viewed probably as not as big of a threat because when you think of younger you think of an immaturity, you know, a smaller mindset, not as many experiences. But fortunately, I have a lot of experiences. I'm pretty well rounded. I had to grow up quick as a child so I'm going to use it as an advantage but people are going to view it as a disadvantage.
Her red flags for other houseguests: Generally, when someone's talking about another person to you right off the bat, they're talking to that person about you as well. So that's going to throw up some red flags. You know, gossip. Immediately gossip is a red flag to me because if you're gossiping to me you're gossiping about me.

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Kaitlyn Herman

Age: 24
Hometown: Plainview, New York
Current City: Encino, California
Occupation: Life coach
Her strategy: I'm an extremely intuitive person and I pick up on energy really quick and I'm a bit of an empath, so it will be really easy for me to realize very early on who I should or should not align with. Whereas some people will align with someone and be like, "oh my god. I made the biggest mistake."
How she'll approach the physical comps: I find that with a good grasp of your mental health you can do the physical challenges... If I'm in a good mental state, which is easy for me to come to because of my meditation and yoga and all that stuff, I really think I can do well in the physical comps.

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JC Monduix

Age: 28
Hometown: Miami, Florida via Spain
Current City: West Hollywood, California
Occupation: Professional dancer
His strategy: I want to be smart about what I'm going to do there, so in the beginning I'm going to be super quiet, very nice, observe, see who I'm going to get in an alliance with and who I'm not...I don't want to be one of those players who walks in the first day crazy.
Whether he's down for a showmance: I'm completely super down for a showmance but I've never seen two gay guys in that show and I don't think they brought anyone else. And I'm not interested in any straight guy so that's probably not going to happen.

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Rachel Swindler

Age: 29 (Turns 30 on July 15)
Hometown: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Current City: Las Vegas, Nevada
Occupation: Vegas entertainer
How her background will help her: I read people really well. I have to do jobs where I'm working with tons of different types of people every single day. I've been thrusted into a lot of uncomfortable situations, a lot of situations I feel a lot of people don't go through, so I am definitely ready for the game.
Why she's called "Craychel": Craychel is basically my personality. I'm a pretty crazy person, pretty out there, a lot of fun. I'm definitely going to try and keep Craychel to a minimum in the house. Craychel will be under wraps until Craychel has to be let out.

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Angela Rummans

Age: 26
Hometown: Hilton Head, South Carolina
Current City: Playa Vista, California
Occupation: Fitness model
Her strategy: Going into the Big Brother house, I really want to spend the first maybe month just flying below the radar as long as possible. I used to be a professional athlete so I'm a very strong physical competitor and I don't want the people in the house to see that, so I'm just going to lay low. I'm going to throw a lot of competitions and I'm not going to come off as a threat at all.
Her red flags for other houseguests: Someone that already starts flipping back-and-forth. I feel like there's those people in the game early on that don't really know what direction they should go and they go from one alliance to the next and they kind of bounce back and forth until they kind of put themselves in position where nobody wants them.

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Brett Robinson

Age: 25
Hometown: Oakdale, Connecticut
Current City: Charlestown, Massachusetts
Occupation: Cyber security engineer
What he's looking for in a potential ally: I would say similar to my own [personality] where you're... conservative on the trusting side but then loyal once that barrier is broken down. So I do plan on forming a final two alliance.
Whether he'll overanalyze things: There's no such thing. I won't let it get to my head. There's overanalyzing in the sense of paranoia, of getting yourself psyched out but you should constantly be analyzing.

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Kaycee Clark

Age: 30
Hometown: San Diego, California
Current City: Tempe, Arizona
Occupation: Pro football player
How far she'll go to win: If I need to do little white lies here or there, cool, but I'm going to stay true to myself as much as possible because I want to be who I am. I just want to be real, loyal and just play the game in an honest way, for sure.
Her red flags for other houseguests: I feel like I can tell if someone's lying or acting weird through body language and all that. It's not what you say but how you say it and your whole body language. I feel like I'll feel if someone's being fake with me and that's going to turn me off, or someone that's going to be too much or someone that tattle-tales.

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Tyler Crispen

Age: 23
Hometown: Rossford, Ohio
Current City: Hilton Head, South Carolina
Occupation: Lifeguard
Whether he'll get into a showmance: I don't think showmances are really good for people's games but sometimes they are. And I don't want to be in a showmance but I might end up in one and if I do, I gotta make sure the other person's out before I do. That's the only thing I care about.
Whether he'll reveal that he's a superfan: I'm going to keep that a secret. I don't want people knowing that I know what's going on. I want to play dumb a lot of the time. I want people to think I'm just there like I don't know what's going on but I want to be behind the scenes working people.

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Chris “Swaggy C” Williams

Age: 23
Hometown: Bridgeport, Connecticut
Current City: Bridgeport, Connecticut
Occupation: Day trader
Why he's not trying to emulate previous players: I want to set precedent so when people come on Big Brother 21, 22 and 23, they look at me like okay, this is who I want to be... I'm just going to go in there and be myself and be unique and see how that plays to my advantage because if I go there and try to play Dan's game of Paul's game, it's not going to work to my advantage. Different season, new people.
Why he's focusing on his social strategy: Because at the end of the day, my physical game is always going to be there. Competition, endurance -- people are going to walk into the house and look at me Day 1 and go okay, he's 6'4", he clearly plays sports so it's there. The social game may really be underrated on my part, so that's more so going to get me further than the physical competition. You can win five HOHs and still lose the game.

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Faysal Shafaat

Age: 26
Hometown: Orlando, Florida
Current City: Orlando, Florida
Occupation: Substitute teacher
How he got cast: I applied to Survivor and they flew me out for finals last year for Survivor and then half-way through finals week I got cut. But then they said they wanted me for another show called Big Brother and then they flew me on again for Big Brother. Last year I made Top 25 but then they wanted me to be an alternate and I said no. And now we are here a year later.
His strategy: I try to be well-rounded and versatile so I'm going to go out and try to win every competition I can, but I'm also going to try and... have a good social game and form a strong alliance of either one or two.

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Bayleigh Dayton

Age: 25
Hometown: Lees Summit, Montana
Current City: Atlanta, Georgia
Occupation: Flight attendant
How far she'll go to win: I don't have any lines [I won't cross] because what would I not lie about? I have a moral compass, but it's a game so it's not like I just can't lie about that. I can lie about whatever.
Whether she's down for a showmance: I'm not opposed. It's crazy because I just never think that it will happen to me but nobody thinks that it will happen to them; they just fall into them. But I wouldn't be like oh, I'm here for a showmance. But I wouldn't be like oh, don't touch me.