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Meet Rachel's guys

Liam Mathews
1 of 32 ABC

Who will Rachel choose?

Let's get judgmental.

2 of 32 Craig Sjodin, ABC

Adam, 27

Occupation: Real Estate Agent

Can he win?: Yes. Real estate agent is one of the top 10 Bachelorette jobs.

3 of 32 Craig Sjodin, ABC

Alex, 28

Occupation: Information Systems Supervisor

Can he win: Yeah. This is one of those jobs that it doesn't matter if anyone outside of your workplace understands it as long as they know you're paid well to do it.

4 of 32 Craig Sjodin, ABC

Anthony, 26

Occupation: Education Software Manager

Can he win?: You didn't really think you were getting out of this without meeting a software manager, did you?

5 of 32 Craig Sjodin, ABC

Blake E., 31

Occupation: Aspiring Drummer

Can he win?: A 31-year-old aspiring drummer is the perfect joke to undermine the prestige and achievement-orientedness of these jobs. Kudos, The Bachelorette. You're really good at this. He's not supposed to win.

6 of 32 Craig Sjodin, ABC

Blake K., 29

Occupation: U.S. Marine Veteran

Can he win?: Yes. And he's the only vet this season, which increases his chances even more. Also it's very, very funny that The Bachelorette has two Blakes on one season. I'm surprised that hasn't happened before.

7 of 32 Craig Sjodin, ABC

Brady, 29

Occupation: Male Model

Can he win?: Remember last year, when Daniel was originally described as a "male model" and then partway through he got changed to "Canadian?" I wonder what Brady's true identity is, other than "guy who won't win The Bachelorette."

8 of 32 ABC, Craig Sjodin

Bryan, 37

Occupation: Chiropractor

Can he win?: Sure, that's doctory enough.

9 of 32 Craig Sjodin, ABC

Bryce, 30

Occupation: Firefighter

Can he win?: Yes. Firefighters are sexy (applaud my restraint for not saying "hot").

10 of 32 ABC, Craig Sjodin

Dean, 26

Occupation: Startup Recruiter

Can he win?: There's no reason a startup recruiter couldn't win, but Dean won't win because he already told Rachel "I'm ready to go black, and I'm never going to go back."

11 of 32 Craig Sjodin, ABC

DeMario, 30

Occupation: Executive Recruiter

Can he win?: Uh, yeah, sure. It's more like his job doesn't disqualify him.

12 of 32 Craig Sjodin, ABC

Eric, 29

Occupation: Personal Trainer

Can he win?: Yes. Kaitlyn's winner Shawn Booth was a personal trainer, and still is, kinda. This franchise loves personal trainers almost as much as veterans.

13 of 32 Craig Sjodin, ABC

Fred, 27

Occupation: Executive Assistant

Can he win?: No. The fact that he's not already an executive proves he's not ready.

14 of 32 Craig Sjodin, ABC

Grant, 29

Occupation: Emergency Medicine Physician

Can he win?: Hell yeah, dog.

15 of 32 Craig Sjodin, ABC

Ignacio ("Iggy"),

Occupation: Consulting Firm CEO

Can he win?: Sounds boring but lucrative, so yeah.

16 of 32 Craig Sjodin, ABC

Jack Stone, 32

Occupation: Attorney

Can he win?: loooooooool this guy's name is Jack Stone? Is he an attorney or a character in an action movie? I don't see this guy winning.

17 of 32 Craig Sjodin, ABC

Jamey, 32

Occupation: Sales Account Executive

Can he win?: Yes, but why can't there ever be like a professor or a novelist or something? Why does every contestant have to be a salesman?

18 of 32 Craig Sjodin, ABC

Jedidiah, 35

Occupation: ER Physician

Can he win?: Does the Pope you-know-what in the woods?

19 of 32 ABC, Craig Sjodin

Jonathan, 31

Occupation: Tickle Monster

Can he win?: According to Chris Harrison, being a doctor is what this guy does, but a tickle monster is who he is. According to me, a doctor can win The Bachelorette, and a tickle monster cannot.

20 of 32 Craig Sjodin, ABC

Josiah, 28

Occupation: Prosecuting Attorney

Can he win?: Rachel's a defense attorney. A prosecutor and a defense attorney falling in love? That's a sitcom, not a reality show!

21 of 32 Craig Sjodin, ABC

Kenneth ("Diggy"), 31

Occupation: Senior Inventory Analyst

Can he win?: Sorry, Diggy. Unless your personality is incredible, that job is just too boring to get past. At least you have a cool nickname.

22 of 32 Craig Sjodin, ABC

Kenny, 35

Occupation: Pro Wrestler

Can he win?: He's going about it all wrong. There's a template for pro wrestlers on dating reality shows established by I Love New York's David "Punk" Otunga: first you get a degree from Harvard Law, then you come in third on a dating show, then you get engaged to Jennifer Hudson, and then you become a pro wrestler. If you don't do it just like that it'll never work.

23 of 32 Craig Sjodin, ABC

Kyle, 26

Occupation: Marketing Consultant

Can he win?: He won't make it past night one.

24 of 32 Craig Sjodin, ABC

Lee, 30

Occupation: Singer-Songwriter

Can he win?: There's always a country singer. It's kind of weird how much The Bachelorette loves country singers. Chris Harrison said this guy's an "instigator" and pretty much spoiled that he's the season's villain.

25 of 32 Craig Sjodin, ABC

Lucas, 30

Occupation: Whaboom

Can he win?: Lucas will Whaboom his way right into a Week 3 exit.

26 of 32 Craig Sjodin, ABC

Matthew, 32

Occupation: Construction Sales Representative

Can he win?: Yeah, but only if he never sells another backhoe ever again after this.

27 of 32 Craig Sjodin, ABC

Michael, 26

Occupation: Former Pro Basketball Player

Can he win?: UH NO DOY. Bonus points if he's a famous basketball player's estranged younger brother.

28 of 32 Craig Sjodin, ABC

Milton, 31

Occupation: Hotel Recreation Supervisor

Can he win?: Mmmmm, I'm gonna need a little more info before I can make a call. Is he, like, the guy who books DJs at hotels in Vegas or is he the guy telling teenage lifeguards to stop flirting and start watching the pool?

29 of 32 Craig Sjodin, ABC

Mohit, 26

Occupation: Product Manager

Can he win?: Yeah, sure, who cares.

30 of 32 Craig Sjodin, ABC

Robert, 30

Occupation: Law Student

Can he win?: In a room full of practicing lawyers, a student. This guy is going to have a miserable time.

31 of 32 Craig Sjodin, ABC

Peter, 31

Occupation: Business Owner


32 of 32 Craig Sjodin, ABC

Will, 28

Occupation: Sales Manager

Can he win?: They couldn't come up with something more interesting than "sales manager" for Will? Will won't win.