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Peter Lorre Biography

Birth Name:
László Loewenstein
Birth Place:
Rozsahegy, Austria-Hungary

Fast Facts

  • Left Germany in 1933 when the Nazis came to power to avoid persecution; his image was later depicted in the Nazi propaganda film Der Ewige Jude
  • Most frequent costar was Sydney Greenstreet, with whom he appeared in nine films
  • His nickname was "Lazzy," a diminutive of his real first name László
  • His distinctive, raspy voice has been frequently caricatured
  • His daughter, Catharine, was nearly abducted by serial killers Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono (the Hillside Stranglers); they released her after learning she was the daughter of Peter Lorre


  • Andrew Lorre -- Brother
  • Francis Lorant -- Brother
  • Catharine Lorre -- Daughter
  • Alajos Loewenstein -- Father
  • Hugo Loewenstein -- Half Brother
  • Liesel Loewenstein -- Half Sister
  • Elvira Freischberger Loewenstein -- Mother
  • Melanie Klein Loewenstein -- Stepmother
  • Anne Marie Brenning Lorre -- Wife