Zayn Malik Zayn Malik

One Direction is down one member, temporarily, and fans are not having it.

Zayn Malik left the band's worldwide tour Thursday due to "stress," according to a statement from the band's publicist, Simon Jones.

"Zayn has been signed off with stress and is flying back to the UK to recuperate. The band wish him well and will continue with their performances in Manila and Jakarta," Jones said on Twitter.

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Malik's sudden exit comes a day after a photo surfaced of him holding hands with someone other than his fiancée, singer Perrie Edwards. "And there's a lot of jealous f-----s in this world," Malik, 22, wrote on Twitter. "I'm sorry for what it looks like."

Although he reportedly hopes to rejoin the rest of the band in South Africa on March 28, fans are already having mini meltdowns about Malik's absence.

There are many, many, many tweets out there just like this, but you get the gist.

Are you equally heartbroken about Malik's break?

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