2017 has been the year of take backs where renewals are concerned. First Timeless got the axe and then managed to make it off the chopping block and into the renewal box. Now, Z: The Beginning of Everything has found itself on the less fortunate side of that kind of reversal. After renewing the show in April, Amazon has changed its course and decided to cancel the freshman series.

Centered on a Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald (Christine Ricci), the show told the tale of Zelda as a young, southern socialite in the 1920s, and her budding relationship with F. Scott Fitzgerald (David Hoflin), her future husband. Their often turbulent relationship should have made for a great story and downright watchable television, but alas, it failed to stir audiences the way Amazon had hoped.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, preproduction had already begun on Season 7, with a reported $7 million already spent on the now-scrapped season. That might be chump change to Amazon, but it's no doubt still heartbreaking to the cast and crew of Z: The Beginning of Everything.

Christina Ricci, <em>Z: The Beginning of Everything</em>Christina Ricci, Z: The Beginning of Everything