Harold Perrineau Harold Perrineau

They can handle mysterious islands, criminals, and even the Winchesters, but can they handle zombies?

Syfy announced Thursday that Harold Perrineu (Lost), Tom Everett Scott (Southland), and DJ Qualls (Supernatural) have all joined the cast of Z Nation, a new post-apocalyptic drama from former Eureka producer Karl Schaefer.

Slated to premiere this fall, the series has a 13-episode order and begins three years after a zombie virus wipes out much of the country's population. It follows Perrineau's Hammond and his ragtag team as they transport the only known survivor of the virus from New York to California, where a viral lab is waiting to hopefully create a vaccine from his blood.

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Scott will play Garnett, Hammond's second-in-command, while Qualls plays Citizen Z, a computer hacker who helps the team navigate through zombie-infested terrain. Rounding out the cast are Michael Welch (Twilight) and Kellita Smith (The Bernie Mac Show) as Mack and Addy, two "disparate wanderers" with only on goal: to survive.

Z Nation premieres this fall on Syfy.

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