Break out the trash juice, because You're the Worst is back.

The aggressively hilarious and unexpectedly poignant comedy returns on Wednesday, picking up shortly after Gretchen (Aya Cash) and Jimmy (Chris Geere) said "I love you" for the first time. But that's not the only new waters our favorite worsties will have to navigate this year. Check out eight more things you can expect in You're the Worst's third season below.

1. Gretchen goes to therapy: To help her cope with her depression, Gretchen begins seeing a therapist, Justine (Samira Wiley), but the process isn't exactly smooth. "Gretchen going to therapy is a little like buying sneakers and expecting to lose ten pounds, but never taking them out of the box," Cash says. "So Gretchen has agreed to go to therapy and she's kind of waiting for the therapist to wave her magic wand and fix her."

Jimmy will also get in on the action by joining Gretchen in her first therapy session, which will go about as well as you can imagine. "He makes it all about him, obviously," Geere says.

2. Jimmy will be forced to get in touch with his feelings: After suffering a personal loss, it's Jimmy's turn to get introspective. "It's a real exploration of human emotions over this season," Geere says. "But every time I read a script, it's never how I imagined him to be. He always finds some sort of distraction from confronting his own feelings."

So should fans expect Gretchen to have her own "you stayed" moment as Jimmy goes through this difficult time? "I think Gretchen is going to try to put responsibility on someone else pretty quickly. She says, 'I don't want a sad boyfriend.' So she's not the most supportive. But she's not evil," Cash explains. "I would say that she eventually does the right thing and is there for him, but kicking and screaming."

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3. Edgar's (Desmin Borges) PTSD will take center stage: For years, Edgar boxed himself into the role of lovable sidekick. But this season, Edgar will start taking strides to become more independent. In some cases, Edgar's newfound initiative is heartwarming, like when he decides to help out homeless veterans. But in other instances — such as when Edgar decides to secretly go off his PTSD medications — Edgar puts everything he's worked so hard for at risk.

"I think this year's really all about Edgar taking hold of what's dear to him and steering the ship for himself rather than relying on people making decisions for him and tell him where he needs to be and what he needs to do," Borges says. "It's going to be exciting. I know [the storyline] sounds so sad, but it's deep-rooted and real --real humor and feelings."

To the surprise of no one, Gretchen and Jimmy are completely oblivious to what Edgar's going through, but Dorothy (Collette Wolfe) will try to be there for him as best she can through these challenges. "Dorothy's a person who comes from the improv world and instinctually is always doing bits or throwing little side jokes or burns out," Borges says. "And I think in every relationship, when one partner is on a different level than the other partner, you have to try and find a way to balance each other out and equal each other out, because Dorothy's never been through this. But Edgar's never had someone like Dorothy, so he definitely doesn't want to lose her."

4. Lindsay (Kether Donohue) has to face the consequences of her actions: Poor sweet, lovable and semi-psychotic Lindsay. It doesn't take long for her to realize that being back with Paul and pregnant with her turkey baster baby isn't exactly the idyllic life she had imagined. But Lindsay feels trapped in her decision, and her repressed rage will expose itself in startling fashion in the season premiere.

"I think it's something a lot of women struggle with," Donohue says. "I could speak from my own experience, where I enjoy the safety and security or what it feels like to feel safe or stable. And also she's pregnant with Paul's child, so it's harder to bounce. I think if she wasn't pregnant it would be easier to leave."

As to whether Lindsay will actually carry the baby to term, Donohue remains quite mum. Although Borges teases that "I don't think we would be our show if the 'abobo' [abortion] wasn't spoken about once."

5. Say goodbye to Sunday Funday: All good things come to an end. Even Sunday Funday.

The upcoming episode, appropriately titled "The Last Sunday Funday," will find the characters realizing how mainstream Sunday Funday has become and mark the show's last Sunday Funday episode. In addition to featuring a scavenger hunt, the episode will see Geere showing off his singing chops. "I begged [creator Stephen Falk] about whether I could sing or not and he gave me the opportunity, which is great," Geere says.

And singing isn't the only thing viewers will get to see Jimmy try his hand at this season. "I also asked [Steve] whether I could do any sports this season because Jimmy hates sports and I love sports," Geere adds."So in a very funny montage sequence you do get to see Jimmy playing basketball, which is really funny."

6. Prepare yourself for excerpts of Jimmy's erotic novel: This season will see Jimmy finally make headway with his second book, or as he likes to call it "the first truly literary erotic novel."

"The writers wrote the book and across the season I get to recite excerpts from said book and it is as filthy and unnecessary as you want it to be," Geere reveals.

And if Jimmy reading tales of incestuous horn dogs who like to ejaculate on stockings out loud doesn't sound funny enough, then just wait until you learn who he's reading them too. "More often than not, he recites it to 10-year-old Killian in the corner, which is highly inappropriate," Geere adds.

7. The show will continue to experiment: We can't say enough good things about Season 2's "LCD Soundsystem," an episode which broke the mold of You're the Worst by following new characters for the entire first act. And according to the cast, we'll continue to see the writers and directors push the creative boundaries of the series.

"Yes. 100 percent," Cash says of the show trying new things. "There's some really cool things that happen that experiment with film and structure this season."

Fans can expect to see some of that experimentation reflected in "The Last Sunday Funday," which will feature some new shots unlike anything we've seen in the Worst world before.

8. There is footage of Gretchen and Jimmy singing "New Phone, Who Dis?": At some point during the second season, Jimmy and Gretchen performed Sam (Brandon Mychal Smith) and Lindsay's iconic duet "New Phone, Who Dis?" But according to Cash and Geere, the footage sadly didn't make the final cut of the episode.

"It was fantastic, but it must not have made the cut because we didn't want anyone else to be embarrassed or feel bad," Cash jokes.

"But we were dope on the day," adds Geere.

Do you hear that, Stephen Falk? They were dope, so this is our formal request to please release the footage of Cash and Geere singing "New Phone, Who Dis?" so the whole world can share in the dopeness.

Until then, at least we'll have this.

You're the Worst returns Wednesday at 10/9c on FXX.