With great shows, come great performances — and 2016 proved that TV is the medium for getting the best out of the incredible actors and actresses working today. We've offered our take on who delivered the cream of the crop, but why listen to us? Instead, use the ranker below to vote up (or down) your favorite performances of the year.

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20 Best TV Performances of 2016

  • 1. Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clark, The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story

    It's both wrong and accurate to call Marcia Clark a "character." She's a real person, obviously, but history demeaned and remembered her as a pitiful caricature of perma-scowl and, well, a perm, thanks in no small part to the media that hated to love her and loved to hate her. That all changed with Sarah Paulson's Emmy-winning turn as the lead prosecutor of the Trial of the Century. Paulson's appealingly authentic portrayal, full of pathos and resolve, single-handedly turned Clark into a feminist icon, shamed our punchline treatment of her and reminded us that there's a human being underneath the "character." -- Joyce Eng

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