As a 40-year-old woman pretending to be 26 to get a second chance at a career, Liza (Sutton Foster) survived her first season of Younger by the skin of her teeth. It turns out leading a double life is harder than Liza imagined. Now that her boyfriend Josh (Nico Tortorella) knows the truth about her age, she'll have to fight even harder to keep her separate worlds from crashing into each other.

"A lot of Season 2 is about Josh and Liza navigating this," Foster tells "The rules have changed. Now he knows her secret."

Season 2 will increase the fun and games as well as deepen Liza's relationships, which only makes her predicament that much more stressful. "What I love about the character Liza is that she lives in this gray area, but she's played by Sutton Foster who is the most wonderful, trustworthy person you would ever want to spend time with," creator Darren Star says. "[Liza] lied to get in the position she's in. What will those ramifications be? As the series continues, the stakes get higher as her stature in the company and emotional relationships become more intense."

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Although Liza initially lied to get her job, she's finally starting to see the real benefits of her situation. That makes deciding when to tell the truth that much more difficult. "All of these relationships are getting stronger," Foster says. "She's starting to get more things that she's been wanting at her job. She has to make choices over love, work and friends. She's just sort of battling and trying to keep all the balls in the air."

The most difficult person to keep up the charade with is Kelsey (Hilary Duff), who worms her way even deeper into Liza's heart in the sophomore season. "Kelsey gets a promotion and basically asks Liza to be her right hand man," Foster explains. "They get even closer. I feel that they confide in each other more and more and more. She's the one person that Liza feels the most guilt about keeping all of this from. It's the one that tears her up the most."

Despite the cover-up, Foster believes that Season 2 will push Liza to get more in touch with who she really is. "Even though she's still lying about her age, I feel like she's becoming more authentic," Foster says. "She's allowing herself to be more of her true self."

Younger Season 2 premieres Wednesday at 10/9c on TV Land.