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Working with your ex can be a sticky situation, but for Younger's Kelsey (Hilary Duff) and Zane (Charles Michael Davis), it's going to be a season-plus worth of drama.

The last we saw of the two book editors, Zane was announcing his arrival at Empirical Publishing, and Season 5 will pick up with the two former lovers squaring off in the office. However, it doesn't take long for that competitive energy to reignite things in the bedroom — and things only get more complicated from there.

Younger Season 5 Gets a Premiere Date!

"They really know how to get under each other's skin," Duff told TV Guide at a Younger press event. "And they're both super competitive with one another and that's the excitement and the torture."

That torture is going to last a while, according to Duff, who added that there won't be any resolution to their relationship drama by the end of Season 5. Let's keep the tension going until Season 6 then!

Younger premieres Tuesday, June 5 at 10/9c on TVLand.

Additional reporting by Keisha Hatchett

Charles Michael Davis and Hilary Duff, <em>Younger</em>Charles Michael Davis and Hilary Duff, Younger