The concept behind Young Sheldon is one fans of The Big Bang Theory are clamoring to get behind, especially since it's going to be set in the '80s, when Sheldon (Iain Armitage) was just a 9-year-old boy heading into high school. The one logistical catch with this plan? All the kids in the cast were born after the year 2000, making the '80s a complete mystery to them.

"It's sort of like going back in time in a time machine or the DeLorean," Armitage joked with TV Guide at the Television Critics Association summer press tour. He's certainly got the full '80s immersion process down if he's cracking Back to the Future jokes.

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The adults on the cast, however, remember the '80s fondly and have been having fun pulling out some old classics, from fashion to hairstyling. As far as teaching the kids about days gone by, they say these 2000s babies are on their own.

"Thankfully there's a resource called YouTube which is just rich with all kinds of things from that era for them to do their research," Lance Barber says.

Young Sheldon premieres Monday, Sep. 25 at 8:30/7:30c on CBS.

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