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Maybe it's Thanksgiving week sappiness getting to us, but we're totally grateful for ABC's You Deserve It.

Last night, the well-intentioned game show kicked off with all the emotional fixings: Chris Harrison for our most-dramatic-ever hosting needs, folks in need for the tears, selfless friends for the "it's better to give" message, and of course, mild-to-tricky trivia questions for the fun stuff.

The game itself is a lot to explain, with its multiple rounds and clues that each cost a certain amount, which then comes out of a banked pile of cash. It's like Millionaire meets Pyramid meets like 40 other sets of rules. But that's not important. The thing that matters here is that the contestants are actually trying to win cash for an unsuspecting friend who could really use it. And not just like "their car broke down" sort of situations. We're talking Extreme Makeover: Home Edition-caliber dire straits, like the opener's combo of a super-generous Maura Tierney look-alike and her recently widowed bestie who can barely cover the health-care costs for her two daughters. Honestly, just typing that line made a lump form in my throat.

Is it the "riveting new breed of game show," as the announcer declared? Not really. We'll save that blurb for the one that magically grants players the power to make the Kardashians vanish from our TV screens forever. But it is a feel-good buffet that's as winning as it is heartwarming. And how can you not love something that is dedicated to paying — and playing — it forward?

What did you think of You Deserve It?

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