Dexter by Christian Weber/Showtime Dexter by Christian Weber/Showtime

In one of the more surprising creative partnerships in recent memory, Showtime/CBS' dark Dexter will become a video game, thanks to the minds at Mark Ecko Entertainment.

With a lead cop character who goes after serial killers himself, Dexter is tough enough to imagine as a video game. But the series, which is now enjoying major net audiences after its jump to the Eye, is an even bigger enigma in its game guise with input from the Ecko franchise. Mark Ecko, you may recall, not only popularized the ubiquitous mid-1990s rugby shirt among hip-hop fans and artists, but also helped bring hip-hop style to the masses, with labels that now include lines like G-Unit Clothing.

The announcement raises more questions than it answers. Does the collabo mean that 50 Cent will make a cameo in the game? That instead of Latin music in the series' Miami b-roll, we'll get hip-hop? Or that Dexter will have to assume an alias, like DJ Dex (get it? Decks?) and trade his khakis for hipper threads? How do you think the new game will play out? - Anna Dimond